Frog Paint By Number

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Frog Paint By Numbers Kit.

Review from Rocky (Atlanta) who recently bought this kit.

“Very eye catchy and bright,. me and my family loved it the canvas is very good quality much better than those regular kits”

Gone is the era when Frogs were depicted as slimy suitors in folklore and fairy tales.

They’ve had their place in the sun as endearing characters in notable animation works. They continue to feature prominently in inspired designs on merchandise and home decor. In languages, they have been the subjects of various proverbs. In classical antiquity, the Greeks and Romans associated frogs with fertility.

Isn’t it peculiar that, a group of birds is called a flock, a group of animals is called a herd but a group of frogs is called an army!

These beguiling creatures have claimed their rightful place in art as well, from the Moche people from ancient Peru to abstract wall art in popular culture.

The winsome cuteness of a frog makes it a perfect choice for kids bedroom wall. The colorful frog with its big, innocent eyes and a pair of glasses perched on its nose, is sure to effortlessly find its way into your heart and lend a perky and playful aura to the room.

The muted pout and a slight tilt of the head are the finer details a kid is sure not to miss while bringing this pop frog to life on a canvas.
About what amount of challenge this piece should pose,there is an oft repeated proverb, You never know how high a frog would jump, just by looking at it.

Surreal art has grown in popularity among the young artists. Not only does it encourage creativity and widens the imagination, but it also has a comical side to it.

You can always pair a subject matter to something that usually doesn’t associate with it in real life.

  • Size: 20″ X 16″ (50cm X 40cm)
  • Numbered high quality cotton canvas.
  • Numbered acrylic based paint set.
  • Paint Brush set – 2 thin, 1 medium, 1 wide.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions guide.
  • Reference sheet.
  • A frame, if you’ve chosen with frame option.
  • Ready-made painting if your selected product has that option.

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